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PVC Interior

PVC is a kind versatile material that is useful for various applications. These applications of PVC from an interior designing perspective may include window frames, creatively designed pipes for decorations, resilient flooring, roofing membranes, stationary, automotive interior and various coverings, fashionable items for interior designing, packaging, and other coated fabrics.

Before PVC materials are made into products; it needs to be combined with a range of special additives. The additives in PVC can influence or determine a number of the properties of an item like its mechanical properties, weather fastness, its color and clarity and indeed whether it is to be used in a flexible application. This process is also known as compounding. These complex tasks must be done in a professional way to get the perfect outcome.

Golden Cube Interior is the best and expertise in doing these complex tasks. We ensure the quality of the materials used for interior designing and to provide a quality work of high standards to our clients.

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