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Mural Designs

By including a mural design in the interior of your residential or commercial space is one way of making a permanent statement in the home. Mural designs made by Golden Cube Interior can be used to fill large, otherwise blank or unused walls, to frame and highlight areas such as doorways and to create focal points within a room, such as a backsplash or fireplace wall.

Mural designs have been gaining recognition from few years and is also preferred while interior designing a space. Golden Cube Interior create and build an ideal surface for a mural that is already plastered or stuccoes wall with a very smooth texture. We make sure that the existing texture is not very smooth, a mural that does not have a significant amount of small detail is suggested. Sometimes a simpler mural may have a texture that is not as important. But Golden Cube Interior use the best materials to provide good quality work of high standards.

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