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Foyer Designs

Foyer stems from French origins. It refers to an vestibule or a gap during a house, flat, apartment, or common public space. It's an area where you'll welcome a visitor or a guest after they enter your house. Foyers also are spaces where you'll be able to ask people to attend.

Typically, foyers were wont to allow people to attend to satisfy the owners of the house. Butlers or maids asked guests to attend within the foyer while they fetched the homeowners. Nowadays, foyers are used as spaces in large houses and apartments, like a gap aesthetic to the complete space's decor.

Golden cube Interior designs foyers keeping in mind it requires space for storing for coats, hats, and the other items. A foyer contains other key elements: carpets or rugs, wall art like paintings or frames, decorative items like vases, hanging or pendant lights, chairs or benches, console tables, or shelves. Golden cube Interior makes your house ample up by designing the foyer which suits your house interior design.

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