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False Ceiling

Earlier, false ceilings were usually manufactured from gypsum boards, but nowadays, it's easy to own false ceilings that aren't only functional but also decorative.

Golden Cube Interior have the simplest knowledge in designing and planning false ceiling designs which fit your house and fig out the general house appearance. The ceiling designs offered by Golden Cube Interior offer the most important unobstructed view of an area and it's the primary thing people usually notice after they enter a building or room. As a result, the ceiling is a vital element of room interior design and defines its aesthetics. Since a ceiling contains a large extent, it plays a crucial role within the thermal comfort of a space.

Golden Cube Interior False ceiling turns your ordinary room into a unprecedented room. It gives your room interior a sublime finish. Another smartest thing is, it helps us to unclutter our home by concealing electrical wires and services. It reduces visual electric wire clutter. It helps us to chop our electricity bills by reducing air con loads.   Enquire Now